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In managing a kindergarten, it is not easy to control everything without a proper program. One small mistake can in the future become a big problem, which will lose a lot of time in order to solve it. Aprzedszkole.pl is a program to manage kindergarten onlnie which will solve most problems with the management of kindergarten.


A lot of enterprises are struggling with continuous delays or lack of payment for issued invoices.
Only a few companies can effectively work against this state of affairs.
Continuously ignoring the repayment date may expose the company to serious financial losses or, worse, the lack of solvency.
The online debt collection vending program-online.pl solves these problems


Faktura-online.pl is a simple program to manage invoices and documents online for your business.



Chat-online.pl  - for your websites


Afaktura is a program to manage invoices and documents online for your business.

Accelerates and facilitates the work , saves time , controls the payment and creates the archive documentation. 


Tesu.pl advertising service is aimed primarily at companies and the services they provide.

Service Tesu.pl is directed primarily to companies in the Polish market and to their customers.